What can affect my banding?

Your band may be affected if one of the following apply;

  • If we think that you have acted unreasonably to make your housing circumstances deliberately worse without good reason or with the aim of qualifying for a higher banding. we will not give you any extra priority. You will stay in the banding you were in and have the priority you held before making your circumstances worse.
  • If you owe money to any local authority or housing association, you can apply to go on HomeChoice, but we may not allow you to bid for properties. We may allow you to bid if you have agreed a repayment plan for any housing related debt which you have kept to however, we or the housing association may not offer you a property.
  • If you do not place bids on suitable vacancies your banding may be reviewed, and you may be placed in a lower band. Failure to bid for any properties over a period of 12 months will result in disqualification from the Housing Register for a period of 12 months unless there are extenuating circumstance for your failure to bid.