Published: Friday, 17th March 2017

Live feed of falcons nesting in central Leamington

Working in partnership with the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust we have placed a nesting box at the top of the tower of Leamington Town Hall. We now have a live webcam feed of peregrine falcons nesting on the Town Hall.


  • 17th March - webcam goes live
  • 18th March - 1st egg laid
  • 20th March - 2nd egg laid
  • 23rd March - 3rd egg laid
  • 26th March - 4th egg laid
  • Incubation takes between 29-33 days after penultimate or last egg laid
  • 28th April - 4 chicks hatched
  • The young peregrines fledge at 35-42 days, and are independent two or more months later

Peregrine chicks

Chicks on 28th April

Feeds from the web