Published: Thursday, 16th February 2023

Warwick District Council is set to complete a three-year trial of measures this spring and summer to aid the recovery of endangered bird populations on St Mary’s Lands in Warwick.

From late February to the end of August the Council will reinstate temporary protective measures around an area known as the ‘Lammas Field’, where Skylarks and Meadow Pipits have historically nested and raised their young in the meadow grass.

The continuation of these measures for a third consecutive year is supported by the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, local bird protection groups and the Warwick Natural History Society.

Warwick District Council’s Portfolio Holder for Safer Communities, Leisure & Environment, Councillor Judith Falp commented:

“We have been encouraged by both evaluations and sightings of these increasingly rare birds that the installation of fencing around this areas is having a positive impact.  We therefore feel that continuing the trial and leaving this habitat undisturbed over the crucial nesting season, is a small price to pay if we have visible signs that the birds are starting to return to this location to breed.”

“We want to thank the public once again, in particular dog owners for their continued understanding and support while the temporary barriers are in place and also for all the positive feedback we have received about this project over the past two years.” 

The protective measures will be installed from 20 February and be in place until the end of August. The area this year is being adjusted to take into account a public right of way, which has been newly mowed to clearly show its route across the meadow.

At the end of the three-year trail later this autumn, there will be a formal evaluation of the effectivelness of these protection measurers, which will be published and made available for public scrutiny.

Close-up of a Skylark at St Mary's Lands

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