Published: Thursday, 9th February 2023

In response to recent incidents at Newbold Comyn the Leader of Warwick District, Councillor Andrew Day commented:

“It is regrettable that the actions of a vocal minority who are seeking to intimidate our contractors working to create the Newbold Comyn cycle trails, has caused personal concern and undue stress. It saddens me that some feel it is appropriate to take matters into their own hands, and to resort to unlawful actions in an attempt to impose their will against the wishes of the wider community.

"This behaviour is unwarranted and wholly unacceptable. Our contractors and staff should be free to carry out their duties unfettered, without fear or intimidation.

“The Newbold Comyn masterplan, which includes the cycle trails currently under construction, along with an array of other recreational amenities and public open spaces, was agreed and confirmed following extensive public consultation. It is clear that the provision of these new facilities is well supported by local residents and that the specific project details were confirmed through a comprehensive planning approval process, which was also conducted in the public domain.

"Following the approval of planning permission, we continue to work closely with the Planning Authority as the trails are constructed, in accordance with ongoing expert archaeological and ecological advice.

“To accuse our contractors of wrongdoing and to seek to personally intimidate them when going out about their business, is of serious concern. I would like to thank officers from Warwickshire Police for their swift response in dealing with this matter and for confirming that immediate action will be taken should this unacceptable behaviour reoccur.

"I can assure residents that the attempt by a vocal minority to intimidate our contractors and council officers will not divert efforts to implement the agreed Newbold Comyn Masterplan in full, for the benefit of all.”

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