St Mary's Land map Published: Monday, 6th June 2016

Nearly 20 key recommendations for the future

St Mary’s Lands is an important recreational and sporting amenity situated on the west side of Warwick town centre. It is enjoyed by thousands of people every year and it is Warwick District Council’s intention to ensure that it continues to thrive.

We have been working alongside a range or organisations on the St. Mary’s Lands Working Party in association with Warwick Town Council and Warwickshire County Council. The outcomes of the Working Party are now going out for public consultation before any outline ideas are finalised. The Working Party includes the Corps of Drums, Friends of St. Mary’s Lands, Golf Centre, Hill Close Gardens, Warwick Racecourse, Warwick Racing Football Club, as well as local councillors and the Warwick Society.

The recommendations have looked at four key aims

  • Protecting St. Mary’s Lands for people and nature 
  • Improving access and enjoyment for all 
  • Supporting the local economy
  • Investing for the future 

The initial ideas include a new play space close to a multi-use games area, a potential hotel located alongside the racecourse with views over the common and cricket field on Hampton Road, improvements to the caravan club, golf centre and main entrance, and improvements in footpaths and access. If supported by the public, these will be developed in more detail into a 10-year improvement strategy. Other items, such as improved seating and signage are being considered as part of the management and maintenance plan review for the site.

Have your say 

The consultation and events have now ended.

  • Friday 20th May Shire Hall foyer. A staffed event from 10am until 4pm
  • Saturday 21st May Shire Hall foyer. A staffed event from 10am until 4pm
  • Monday 23rd until Friday 27th May Shire Hall foyer. An unstaffed exhibition during Shire Hall opening hours.
  • Saturday 28th May Warwick Market. A staffed event from 9am until 3.00pm.

Download the outline proposals.


If you have any questions please contact (We may share questions, and your contact details, sent via email  with our external consultants Plincke Landscape Ltd, in order for them to provide a response.)


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