Published: Thursday, 15th December 2022

Following the most tragic of incidents just down the road in Solihull, Councillors and staff from Warwick District Council, are extending their deepest sympathy to the families of the young victims.

At the same time the Council would like to reinforce messages about the dangers in and around open water, particularly the frozen surfaces of lakes, rivers, pools or ponds, highlighting the following locations in local public spaces:

  • Abbey Fields lake, Kenilworth
  • Jephson Gardens lake, Leamington
  • Mill Gardens boat pond, Leamington
  • Village Pond (Chase meadow), Warwick
  • Kingfisher pool, St Nicholas Park, Warwick
  • Myton Green Pond, Warwick 

Councillor Judith Falp, Portfolio Holder for Health and Community Protection commented:

“The terrible events in Solihull are a stark reminder to us all of the danger of frozen water and how quickly a moment of play could turn to tragedy.

"We are therefore issue a warning to all residents, in particular those with young children, to stay away from open water and under no circumstances attempt to tread on a frozen surface.”  

The Council is also reinforcing the advice of Warwickshire’s Chief Fire Officer, Ben Brook who said:

"We want everyone in our county to have a safe winter. While the cold weather persists, we need people to take extra care while walking or playing near any frozen water. Whilst the lake or water may look frozen, it may not be solid enough to hold any weight and in situations involving pets, where people go in to rescue them, or young people who may not see the dangers present, the situation can quickly change.  

“All open water, particularly when it’s frozen, can pose significant risks to people.  We may be a land-locked county, but we are not without these risks. 

"Our message to everyone right now is to stay well away from the water’s edge. Please don’t try to walk or skate on frozen water. Regardless of how solid it looks, you never know when the ice may give way, in which instance tragic outcomes are common. 

“Please take the time now to talk to young people, friends and family, about the dangers of frozen lakes and water and why it’s important for them to stay safe, so that we can protect our loved ones.”

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