Published: Friday, 21st October 2022

Nearly 40m pumpkins will be bought and carved this Halloween, with over half going to waste!

With that in mind - make sure you carve and cook this Halloween.

Blitz, roast, chop or toast – there are plenty of recipes out there that will help you get the most out of you pumpkin.

You can roast pumpkin seeds with some seasonal spices to make a delicious, crunchy topping for salads and soups.

Did you know you can even use the fleshy, stringy bits from a pumpkin? Add to a pan with water and stock, and boil to make a broth – the perfect base for pumpkin soup!

Search out pumpkin recipes to make the most out of what you scoop when carving.

Recycling your used pumpkin at home

When you're finished with your carved pumpkin, you can put it in your green bin if you're subscribed to the garden waste collection service, or ask  a neighbour if you can use theirs.

Or why not see if any local farms would like them for their animal feed?

You can put your pumpkin in your food caddy for collection, you'll just need to make sure that it's chopped up so that it fits inside your bin. We won't be able to accept any pumpkins that are placed on top of or next to the food caddy.


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