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Commonwealth connections Published: Friday, 26th November 2021

Warwick District Council is counting down to the B2022 Commonwealth Games which is coming to Warwick District next July, by looking for local connections to all the countries of the Commonwealth.

But how much do you know about the Commonwealth countries? The council will be taking you on a whistle-stop digital tour of each of the 54 countries and will be sharing some fun facts and figures from the well-known and lesser-known countries, hoping to inspire your own connections to those countries.

Warwick District residents are invited to share their own memories, anecdotes and photos from these countries, and these will be shared across their social media channels in the build up to next year’s Games. Whether it’s a short story, a personal experience, or a link to a local community, it is hoped there will be a local connection to every Commonwealth country.

Liam Bartlett, Warwick District Council Portfolio Holder for Culture, Tourism & Leisure said: 

“As we take the people of Warwick District on a tour of the Commonwealth through our Commonwealth Connections project, we want to hear your interesting stories and build up our knowledge of the 54 countries as we prepare to welcome visitors and spectators to the district during next year’s Games.”

Your connection does not need to be sports related. It could be work-related; you might have been involved in a charitable or community project, maybe you have family and friends that live in the Commonwealth that could provide you with an interesting story? 

Commonwealth connections can be submitted via our website. Written submissions can be bullet points, stories, quotes or facts and figures, but must be a maximum of 500 words and videos must be no more than two minutes long, photos and illustrations can also be included in this form. 

You can also share your stories on social media using the hashtag #WDCCommonwealthConnections, and we will reshare* them across our social media channels and website. 

Warwick District Council will be providing the venue for the Lawn Bowls and Para Lawn Bowls at Royal Leamington Spa's Victoria Park, and the Cycling Road Races on Sunday 7 August will start and finish on Myton Road near Myton Fields in Warwick.

For further information on the Commonwealth Connections initiative and to submit your story, visit Commonwealth Connections.

*Submissions must meet our guidelines for acceptable content and GDPR statement on the website.


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