Published: Wednesday, 23rd June 2021

We have a new housing allocations policy and this will be effective for advertising new vacancies on the 24 June and determining the allocation of properties from the 30 June 2021.

We have written to all applicants registered to advise them of any change to their banding and their relevant date. Applicants will receive this by the 30 June. Please do not ring us before receiving your letter, the information should arrive shortly. Our staff will not be able to advise further.

What are the main changes

  • There will now be 4 bands, Bands 1,2,3 and 4. There is no longer a transfer band, and those in this band will now be incorporated into the other existing bands. This will simplify matters and ensure that we are housing those in housing need.
  • There will still be a quota to give preference to certain bands. This will now be 60% preference to Band 2 and 40% to Band 3. Those in Band 1 will have preference above all others. Those in Band 4 will only be considered after those bids from other bands. There are properties where this happens, and we expect to let more properties to those in Band 4, now we have no transfer band.
  • There are a number of changes to the categories in each banding. Please read the further information available on our website for more information; or the full policy for the details. The main changes to note are:
  • Only those applicants with children under 10 living above the ground floor will be prioritised in Band 3, previously it was children under age 16 living above the 1st floor.
  • Those applicants under occupying a social housing property will be given more priority; if releasing a 4+ bed property, being awarded Band 1, releasing a 2 or 3-bed house Band 2; or if releasing a flat Band 3. This will ensure these properties are then available to those applicants needing the larger properties.
  • There is also greater priority to those severely overcrowded. Band 1 for those lacking 4 bedrooms, Band 2 for those lacking 2 bedrooms and Band 3 for those lacking 1 bedroom.
  • Many categories remain as before. Examples include medical priority and homelessness.
  • The system will now take account of the “relevant date”. This would be the registration date or the date that you were moved into a higher band. We will consider applicants bids that are in the same band by the order of the relevant date. The earliest relevant date in the band of preference will be offered the property.
  • Homeowners previously allowed to register and be placed in Band 4 will no longer be accepted on to the register. There are exceptions to deal with particular housing needs that cannot be met outside an allocation of social housing.
  • Some properties are let under our Rural Lettings Policy, giving preference to those in village locations to those with a local connection to the parish. This will not change, but we will no longer readvertise the properties if we find no one with a connection to the village location. All those interested can bid, and we will look at the applicants with a connection to the village first and then if no bidders look at the other applicants for the property. This will allow us to speed up the letting process for these properties.
  • Applicants for social housing are expected to be actively looking for accommodation. Hence, those not bidding will be removed from HomeChoice and / or bids will be placed for them by staff to ensure a successful letting.
  • Applicants are only permitted to refuse two reasonable offers in any 12-month period. (Homeless applicants will only be offered one suitable offer). Any further refusal will lead to the cancellation of the application. Applicants would be able to reapply after a 12-month period.

Please be reminded that applicants have the right to request a review of any decision that we have made about their HomeChoice application. You would need to request this within 21 days of the decision being made, and we will then undertake the review. We have 56 days to complete the review.

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