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Published: Thursday, 22nd October 2020

Following the coronavirus pandemic, local government is facing a number of significant financial, economic and service delivery challenges.

That, combined with the anticipated Government White Paper on the reorganisation of local government, has presented the opportunity to review potential options for reorganisation; in fact, there has not been a better opportunity since 1974 to review how our local government could best be shaped to serve our fast-changing community life.

Both Warwick and Stratford-upon-Avon District Councils are committed to improving their services for the residents of South Warwickshire and are investigating joint working and shared services. Management roles in ICT and Neighbourhood Services are already being shared across the two councils, as is the prospect of a joint Local Plan for our communities, to secure long-term benefits. 

Combining our waste collection under one contract, is the next service to be proposed for joint working by both councils. The contracts for both councils finish around the same time, which presents an opportunity to review procuring a combined service across the whole of South Warwickshire, serving 126,000 households.

A new contract would focus on achieving both environmental and financial benefits; encouraging residents to increase their household recycling, reduce residual waste and reduce the cost of treating and disposing of rubbish. In addition, it will support the ambition of both councils to achieve carbon-neutral status for their districts by 2030.

Stratford and Warwick District Councillors will consider a number of options for the new waste collection contract at their respective council meetings, in Stratford District on 9 November and in Warwick District on 18 November. These options will cover the following:

  1. The impact of not changing the current waste collection contracts
  2. Moving to a 3-weekly collection of residual waste to encourage further recycling
  3. Investigate the introduction of a separate food waste collection

Andrew Day, Leader, Warwick District Council comments:

“Working together we can enhance our waste management services. We’re keen to get a good value contract, but also to create a service that makes it easier to do the right thing for our environment.  Focused on the future of South Warwickshire, we’ve joined forces to help shape a more sustainable way of life that will benefit us all.”

Tony Jefferson, Leader, Stratford-on-Avon District Council comments:

“A new joint waste contract provides the ideal opportunity to achieve best value for money and help us move towards the achievement of climate change goals. This provides an ideal opportunity to demonstrate how working together can deliver real and substantial benefits for the residents of South Warwickshire.”

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