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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus updates for the public and businesses.

Coronavirus information and advice
Published: Friday, 7th August 2020

Dear Friends

Our focus continues to be on recovery and supporting the reopening of our town centres, but rest assured that preparations are also being made should we need to address a second wave of the coronavirus. We’ve learnt a lot and are confident that we can effectively manage a fresh outbreak, building on the great community spirit and hard work seen across the district these past few months. Taking practical precautions now gives our whole community resilience, as we move from summer to autumn; but in the end, effectively dealing with a second wave will rely on us following the government guidance and continuing our work together to stay safe. 

To help avoid a local lockdown, all our businesses have been given advice and assistance to put in place measures to act quickly, limiting the spread of the virus. Information on how to manage any local outbreaks. The key thing to remember is that if you have two or more suspected or positive cases of coronavirus in your workplace, promptly notify the Public Health England West Midlands health protection team on 0344 225 3560.  Without delay, also notify those who have been in close contact, so the infection can be managed effectively and the impact on the wider community minimised.  More information about what this means is available on our outbreak management.

Thank you for the fantastic support you’re giving to our Town Centres. Cafés, pubs and restaurants are often now fully booked - clearly the prospect of a meal out at 50% off is enticing a great many of us back. If you fancy a mid-week break from the kitchen, check to find out which of your favourite eateries are signed-up for the Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

And once you’ve enjoyed your meal out, why not give some appreciation by voting for your favourite places to eat? The #FoodieAwards celebrates food and drink across Coventry and Warwickshire, showcasing our brilliant local cafés, restaurants, farm shops and even the fun street traders at our weekly markets too!  Cast your vote by visiting the Foodie Awards website.

The Recovery Plan made further positive progress this week:

  • The Pump Rooms, Spa Centre, Art Gallery and Museum officially reopened today, having put in place all the necessary safety measures. You’ll need to book your visit online to enjoy your free visit, with further details on all the new arrangements presented in a helpful video. We’re fortunate to be able to offer a safe day out for all the family visiting these renowned, local cultural facilities, where we promise you’ll receive a very warm welcome. 
  • Newbold Comyn and St Nicholas Park swimming pools reopened last weekend and Abbey Fields indoor pool is scheduled to reopen tomorrow (8 August) now that the necessary testing is complete and all the safety measures have been put in place. Hooray!
  • The clock is ticking as we enter the final week for the Government’s Discretionary Grant Scheme. All local business owners, sole traders and self-employed from all sectors are encouraged to go online to check eligibility and complete the simple application before mid-day on Friday 14 August.

Over the past few months we’ve embraced the new ways of working and delivering our services, not least of which has been our committee meetings streamed live on our own YouTube channel. New processes and meeting etiquette have had to be developed as we’ve been going along to enable these public meetings to be shared with anyone who has an interest. It’s been a challenging undertaking, so we were delighted to be featured by the Local Government Association’s weekly bulletin, which highlights the steps we’ve taken, sharing them as best practice.

As the sun shines and the warmer weather returns, this week we leave you with this stunning photo of the Pump Room Gardens. Hopefully this beautiful setting will encourage you to make the most of our award-winning parks and gardens across the district during the summer holidays.

Pump Room Gardens

Keep smiling and stay safe.

Andrew Day
Leader, Warwick District Council

Chris Elliott
Chief Executive, Warwick District Council

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