Published: Friday, 26th June 2020

Ambitious tree planting initiative launches in Warwick district.

As we move slowly out of lockdown and our businesses and communities start to reopen, we are encouraging groups and individuals to plant a tree to help the climate and wildlife and as a sign of new beginnings following the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘Trees for our future’ is part of our ongoing commitment to the environment, health and wellbeing and has a target of planting 160,000 trees, one for every resident living in our district.

Working in partnership with the Woodland Trust, Forestry Commission, Warwick Tree Wardens, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, businesses, schools and community groups, our project team will be facilitating a number of schemes to encourage both small and large scale planting on Council and third party land; from private gardens and community spaces to multi-hectare sites, including the new Tach Brook Country Park and Newbold Comyn.

Our newly appointed Programme Manager for Climate Change, Dave Barber commented;

The ‘Trees for our Future’ scheme is something that everyone in our community can get involved with. In the coming months we will be working with a number of national and local groups and organisations on a multi-pronged campaign to encourage and support a variety of tree planting projects. This will include identifying land, unlocking grants and funding or helping to supply free Woodland Trust tree packs to local schools and groups. We hope the scheme will provide an opportunity for people to play a part in improving the District’s environment and at the same time tackling the impacts of climate change.”

Our Portfolio Holder for Environment, Councillor Alan Rhead added;

“By declaring a Climate Emergency in 2019, our Council demonstrated how serious we are about tackling the issues around climate change and the environment. This ambitious scheme is an opportunity for everyone from large businesses to individuals to play their part and have a real impact on reducing the effects of carbon emissions and improving air quality in our district. The planting of trees can also be seen as a symbol of hope and community spirit as we look to the future.”

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust’s Chief Executive, Ed Green commented;

The planting of the right trees in the right places with the right care is one of the many ways which we need to respond to the climate and ecological crisis. We therefore welcome the commitment to a major programme of woodland creation in Warwick District brought about by tree planting and natural regeneration.

Information and contact details on the ‘Trees for our Future’ scheme can be found on the tree planting page.

For information on the Woodland Trust free tree pack scheme for community groups and schools visit or grants for tree planting visit the Woodland Trust or The Tree Council.

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