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Published: Thursday, 7th May 2020

Dear friends

After six long years the end of the Second World War marked a defining moment. The adversities faced by those who celebrated Victory in Europe 75 years ago, helped shape the birth of our cherished NHS and much that we hold dear today. 

This weekend whilst the street parties, the parades and the events planned across the district have been cancelled, there is still plenty to celebrate in our own homes. You are invited by our Chairman and Armed Forces Covenant Champion, Cllr George Illingworth, to join in a series of activities which are running throughout VE day, including raising a glass at 3pm to mark Sir Winston Churchill’s declaration of the end of the War.  In addition, details of events that you can take part in and some ideas for celebrations in your home can be found on our website.

Across our district, in so many different ways we each are fighting our own battle against coronavirus. When we reflect on what was being celebrated on VE Day in 1945, we should recognise that just as then when the war in Europe came to an end, this emergency won’t be over when we’re released from ‘lockdown’. It will of course be wonderful to celebrate with our friends and colleagues once again, but just as it was 75 years ago, we will need to come together in new ways to rebuild and recreate our lives.

As it has throughout these past months, this Council will do all that it can to help every part of our district in this vital task, so together like the proverbial phoenix, our communities will rise from the ashes, as they did 75 year ago to create a better world.

While seven weeks of ‘lockdown’ does not compare to the suffering experienced by the generation who survived the Blitz, we can draw from their experience; that hope remains even in the most difficult of times.  It is reassuring to note too that simple acts of bravery and sacrifice still define our nation.

Stay safe, carry on and keep smiling

Cllr Andrew Day
Leader, Warwick District Council

Chris Elliott
Chief Executive, Warwick District Council

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