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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Service updates for the public and businesses. Welcome back to the town centres from 15 June.

Coronavirus information and advice
Published: Friday, 10th April 2020

Dear Friends,

This Easter holiday offers us a moment for reflection. In a week when the Prime Minister was admitted to intensive care, we were also saddened by local news that our former Town, District and County Councillor and Mayor of Whitnash, Bernard Kirton, had lost his life to coronavirus. 

At a time of year when we would normally be gathering with our loved ones to celebrate and share a welcome long-weekend break, it is especially tough to be staying at home. Yet, to ensure that more of our family, friends, neighbours and colleagues are alive at the end of this emergency, it’s vital that we continue to follow the Government guidance.

In so many profound ways this emergency is touching all our lives.  We’re learning too that working together we can prevail and hopefully become an even stronger community. This week your Council has made good progress across various initiatives.


The work done by our outreach teams and local charities has paid off. Accommodation has been secured for nearly all the homeless who needed it, ensuring they have food supplies and access to the support they require during this difficult time.  There is now a real possibility that our homeless will receive the assistance they need to stay in their new homes, so there might be at least one positive long-term outcome from this emergency.

Shielding Hub

250 boxes containing essential items including milk, eggs, tea, coffee, ready meals, tins, vegetables and pasta were prepared and dispatched this week to clinically vulnerable residents who are unable to leave their homes.

It is important to ensure that those most in need of assistance are on this list.  If you know someone who might have been missed, please ask them to contact their GP or call:

  • 01926 456 111 - Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm, or
  • 0800 408 1447 - Good Friday and Saturday - 9am to 3pm, and Sunday & Easter Monday - 9am to 12 noon.

We’re so proud of all the volunteers who have worked together to manage the delivery of these boxes and will continue this vital work with 30 of our officers on Easter Monday.

Looking ahead, the work on the Shield Hub and our progress on homelessness, raise real opportunities for us to consider how we can sustain support for the most vulnerable in our community when this crisis has passed.

Business support & economic recovery

The Council finance team has processed over 1,150 grants so far, amounting to almost £15.5m in much needed funding for hard pressed local businesses.  The team who have worked round the clock to get these grants paid as soon as possible have been genuinely touched by the positive feedback being given, thank you.

There is so much more to do with hundreds of further eligible businesses which are yet to apply for the millions of pounds still remaining to distribute.  If you know of any businesses who haven’t applied for their grant, then please ask them to visit our business grant page.

In future updates we’ll share more about the ambitious work being done to plan ahead for the recovery of our local economy with our partners in the business community.  At the centre of this strategy will be projects and plans to begin addressing the Climate Emergency and implementing our agreed Action Plan.

Kindness and goodwill goes a very long way

The cohesion of our community life is precious and a valuable defence in this emergency.  While we’re all at home, with neighbours who may be unwell or struggling with bereavement, it is important that we’re considerate, show kindness and act with goodwill, especially at this most testing of times.

Thank you too for all who have been in touch to share appreciation for the efforts of volunteers and officers working often in difficult circumstances. Gestures such as this lovely rainbow of thanks for the Council’s Lifeline team operating the telephone helpline 24/7 for the elderly and vulnerable, mean so much.

Chalk rainbow

It costs nothing to say thank you, but the boost it can give is priceless and we will be clapping for our NHS and staff tonight at 8pm to show our appreciation to them for all that they are doing.

"We will be with our friends again; we will be with our family again. We will meet again. We should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return."  HM The Queen

Andrew Day
Leader, Warwick District Council 

Chris Elliott
Chief Executive, Warwick District Council

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