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Published: Friday, 20th March 2020

To strengthen our community response to the Coronavirus emergency, Warwick District Council will meet on Wednesday 25 March to consider a proposal to cancel the planned referendum.

The referendum was due to ask households to increase their Council Tax contribution to fund a Climate Action Fund.

If agreed, the Council will revert to a 2.99% increase for 2020/21 (amounting to an annual increase of £5 for a Band D household) and all Council Tax demands will be adjusted and reissued. The increase to the share of Council Tax allocated to Warwickshire County Council, the Police Authority as well as Town and Parish Councils is unaffected.

WDC Leader Cllr Andrew Day said, “The cross-party support for the Climate Action referendum remains, but given the Government decision to defer elections as part of the wide-ranging measures to protect public health, this is not the time to be asking our residents to pay additional Council Tax to create the ring-fenced Climate Action Fund. The Climate Emergency remains with us, but our immediate priority has to be our response to the coronavirus national emergency.”

“We’re working closely with the Government to provide the financial support our communities need at this challenging time. I have been assured that Westminster will meet the cost of re-issuing our tax bills, should Council accept this recommendation.”

“Once the pandemic has passed, cross party work on the Climate Emergency Action Plan will resume. Detailed proposals will be considered to demonstrate to the public on the use of the ring-fenced Climate Action Fund, which is needed to invest in specific local initiatives to achieve the agreed carbon reduction goals.”

Council Tax payers are advised that bills will be updated automatically and there is no need to take further action.

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