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Published: Thursday, 27th February 2020

A referendum is to be held on 7 May.

At Warwick District Council’s Full Council meeting held on Wednesday 26 February, Councillors unanimously voted to reset the district’s Council Tax contribution in order to fund a Climate Emergency Action Programme, therefore requiring a referendum to be held.

At the Referendum which will take place on Thursday 7 May the local electorate will be given the opportunity to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a 34.2% rise in Warwick District Council’s share of Council Tax. This will amount to an increase of £57 per year per household (for a Band D property) to £223.86. £52 of this increase will put into a £3m annual ‘ring-fenced’ Climate Action Fund with the remaining £5 going towards the Council’s other services (which include housing, refuse and recycling, street cleaning, parks and open spaces).

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