Published: Friday, 22nd March 2019

Ishtiaq Ahmed, operator of Spicy Bites Pizzeria in Clemens Street, pleaded guilty to 21 hygiene offences discovered during visits by Warwick District Council food safety officers last year.

The Court heard that Mr Ahmed had failed to keep the premises clean, in good order and proofed against the entry of rodents. Food equipment was found to be in a dirty condition and no sanitiser was available. Food handlers were not maintaining good personal hygiene and no soap or hygienic means of drying hands were available at the wash basins.

On sentencing, the Magistrates told Mr Ahmed that public health had been put at risk. Despite numerous interventions and advice made by the Council’s Food Safety Officers, it had taken him a long time to take the appropriate remedial action requested.

Warwick District Council’s Head of Health & Community Protection, Marianne Rolfe commented:

“Warwick District Council works on a daily basis with food businesses to encourage high standards and to protect the public. The majority of our food businesses do a great job, with 84% of businesses scoring the top '5' food hygiene rating. However, when we have businesses who persistently fail to comply with the standards required of them, and, as a result, put the health of our residents at risk, we will always take enforcement action against them.”

Mr Ahmed was fined £666 for all the offences and ordered to pay full costs of £3,104 and a victim surcharge of £66.


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