Published: Friday, 8th February 2019

Warwick District Council will not be supporting the initiative which could have led to the extension of the Avon Navigation Scheme from Stratford to Warwick.

The decision which was made by the Council’s Executive on 6 February follows a high level assessment carried out on behalf of the Council and its partners Stratford District Council and the Avon Navigation Trust to establish the potential environmental and socio-economic impacts if such a scheme were put in place. 

The final report which was presented to Councillors indicated that the economic case of an extension in terms of tourism potential, expected capital costs and environmental costs would not make it a viable option for further investment.

Warwick District Councils Portfolio Holder for Business, Councillor Noel Butler commented;

“Any project which has the potential to increase visitor numbers to our district is always worth exploring. Unfortunately, in this case the environmental and capital costs outweighed the benefits.  We will however continue to work with Stratford District Council to improve public access along the river corridor between our two towns.”

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