Published: Tuesday, 18th December 2018

Riverside House car park has undergone some repair work over the past week to remove trip hazards from roots growing across the bays and to remove a high kerb being caught by cars.

This work has been temporarily stopped, following concerns from residents around the potential impact of this work on the protected trees in the car park - those with a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). 

An assessment of the trees is being carried out to review their health and the findings of the report is available below. We can provide reassurance that particular care has been taken to adopt a “no dig” approach for work under the protected trees and specific guidance was provided for contractors to ensure they are fully briefed on the work they undertake on behalf of the council - see guidance below:

Tall road kerb - to remove it minimising any harm to the tree roots and to restore the displaced soil, covering any exposed revealed roots.

  • Assess the scope to hand dig out the kerb minimising any damage to any tree root system in the process
  • Alternative light road drill use may be necessary to release the concrete haunch behind the kerb pinning it in place, in the side furthest away from the tree
  • Once free, extract only the kerb and loosened concrete backing
  • Wrap any exposed roots with hessian and backfill with displaced soil

Surface roots across the parking bays - elevate the parking surface with a shallow tarmac overlay to avoid further damage to the exposed tree roots and eliminate or reduce the likelihood of raised root trip hazards.

  • Skim a shallow grip around the external periphery of the two parking bays (not the kerbed sides) taking care not to catch the identified marked raised roots
  • Sweep and clear loose debris from the kerb edge outwards and remove
  • Lay tarmac from the kerbed edges outwards towards the grips grading it gently back into the existing road surface
  • Minimal light tamping down of the new surface where possible around the roots and permitted rolling in along the carriageway edge where it joins

Update 11 January 2019

We have scheduled in concluding works for 19 January to resume our car park works at Riverside House.

This work includes:

  • Finish our surfacing in the two bays where there had been some concerns under the tree near to the exit
  • New installation of a bollard and rail barrier to the rear of the new pest control parking bays and the relocation of associated signage
  • General sweep and clear of the carriageway to remove any remaining loose stone left from the surfacing process

We are also seeking approval from our tree consultant to add some wooden bollards at the lower end of the car park next to the gates to protect the tree root plates by keeping vehicle traffic away from them. We will be sending letters to residents local to Riverside House in the next week in advance of the work taking place.

Tree consultant’s report

The report from our tree consultant has reviewed the method statement for the work and agreed with the preferred hand tool removal of the dislodged kerb rather than the additional allowance of light mechanical drill use to break the concrete haunching which was what happened. However, the proposals in the method statement using a no dig approach to elevate the surface of the parking bays over the exposed roots were deemed to be reasonable and proportionate and therefore acceptable.

The only remaining work on the site other than the above overlay include the addition of a new bollard and rail edging around a new motorcycle bay and our Pest Control van parking area. Also, further road stud parking bay demarcation along the bottom parking tier in the grasscrete to improve parking bay usage.


Road kerb and part of the concrete haunch pulled clear.

Riverside house car park work

Remaining existing Concrete haunch left in place

Riverside house car park work 2

Soil pulled back to reveal the Hessian wrapped roots

Riverside house car park work 3

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