Published: Thursday, 10th October 2019

Scheme helps to ensure safety of bonfire events

The Warwickshire Golf and Country Club, the Boot Inn Lapworth and both local rugby clubs are among the sixteen organisations who have registered their Bonfire Events on Warwick District Council’s voluntary Bonfire and Firework Display Registration Scheme in 2019. This year, the Council want to reach out to other organisations to register their events.

The scheme, which is now in its seventh year, provides a free service to organisers with the aim of ensuring that the district’s bonfire events run smoothly and that all possible measures have been taken to ensure public safety.

Far more than a ‘box ticking exercise’, the scheme involves a member of the council’s Health & Safety team visiting the site prior to the event, with the event plans and risk assessments considered by the Safety Advisory Group, a team of experts made up of senior officers from Warwickshire Police, Fire and Rescue Service, Ambulance Service, County Highways and the Council’s Health & Safety team.

Once the team are satisfied that any recommendations for improvements to safety have been carried out, the organisers are issued with a Certificate of Registration and details of the event are listed on the council’s website.

The scheme, which has been in operation since 2012, has regularly attracted interest from large event organisers such as a Warwick Town Bonfire and Kenilworth Round Table, as well as smaller public bonfires held by schools, sports & social clubs and local pubs.

We are pleased to announce that last year there were no major incidents reported from the registered events, although officers were made aware of two local events which required our intervention to address major health and safety issues likely to affect the safety of the public.

Warwick District Council’s Portfolio Holder for Health & Community Protection, Councillor Judy Falp, commented: “It is wonderful to see so many local organisations taking up the opportunity in registering their event with the Council’s free registration scheme. This will only help to ensure these events are run safely, as well as being great fun for the residents of Warwick district.”

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