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Published: Wednesday, 23rd May 2018

Statement from Leader of the Council

“Last year Warwick District Council issued Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) for trees on the land off Rouncil Lane. The Forestry Commission have subsequently granted a felling license that overrides the TPOs, therefore the district council is unable to intervene. It is my understanding that the Forestry Commission will be attending the site to ensure that the work being carried out is in accordance with the licences.

I am sorry to see these trees are being removed, but formal permission is in place from the Forestry Commission to carry out this work. The Forestry Commission has advised that some felling will assist the overall health of the trees and that should help to prevent disease.

I have also been informed of a proposal to create an additional, larger woodland area on land immediately to the north of this site. I am therefore hopeful that in the long run we will see a larger and healthier collection of trees in this area.”

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