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Published: Wednesday, 23rd May 2018

Formal bid for a creative hub in Leamington launched

Leamington Spa Channel 4 bidToday, 11 May 2018, Warwick District Council is excited to put forward their formal bid to welcome a Channel 4 Creative Hub to Leamington.

Why Leamington?

Channel 4 and the creative economy of Leamington share a common DNA – as Channel 4 was launching in 1984, Leamington was spearheading the rise of the home computer industry. Our spirit of innovation and disruption continues in the current day with the Silicon Spa games cluster anchored in Leamington Spa. It is this common DNA combined with all the benefits Leamington (along with the surrounding areas) has to offer that makes Warwick District Council confident that we can offer Channel 4 everything they’ve asked for in the Call 4 All bid.

Why now?

Leamington is primed for an exciting few years not least through the investment generated through the Creative Quarter regeneration project but also via the notable events it’ll be hosting, such as the Commonwealth Games 2022 Bowls competition. With the masterplan for the Creative Quarter now in progress, we’re able to offer Channel 4 the rare opportunity to shape their new home as part of the wider scheme.

Putting creativity at the heart of the bid

What makes Leamington’s bid unique is that this isn’t a bid backed by industry, it’s a bid led by industry. After all, the local creative industry generates a GVA of £418m and they work with leading brands on a global scale. Warwick District Council’s decision to invite them to lead the bid was easy and, it’s through this collaboration, that we’ve been able to create a proposal that speaks in the same disruptive, innovative, diverse and creative voice as Channel 4.

The sentiment from our local creatives to Channel 4 is clear – welcome. We look forward to Channel 4 joining us.

4 things to remember

If Channel 4 takes only 4 things from our bid, Warwick District Council are asking them to make it these:

  1. We punch above our weight: Leamington's creativity has a global audience
  2. The spirit of Channel 4 already lives in Leamington: the hub just needs to join it
  3. Channel 4 won't only thrive in Leamington: it'll help define it
  4. There's a reason people visit Leamington, fall in love and never leave: one visit will show you why

Of the impact of the move, Councillor Andrew Mobbs, Leader of Warwick District Council, says: "The arrival of the Channel 4 Creative Hub will ensure that this sector continues to grow - opening new opportunities and supporting the next generation of talent."

To Channel 4, his message is clear: "Warwick District Council will commit to working with you every step of the way as you make a home here."

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