Published: Monday, 26th March 2018

Homelessness Strategy Delivery Group to find solution to homelessness in Warwick district

Following the homelessness summit in Leamington on 15 March, an invitation is to be sent to the organisations involved to form a task force, to build on the groundwork from that meeting.

Having taken part in the event, Warwick District Council’s Housing Services Portfolio Holder, Councillor Peter Phillips and Head of Housing Lisa Barker, were delighted that the summit had got so many representatives together in one room to discuss the problem of homelessness and rough sleeping in our towns. 

Councillor Phillips commented:

“This event really did highlight how complex these issues are and that no one agency can resolve the problems facing this vulnerable group of people in isolation. It has also further justified our decision to form an action group, with the aim of pooling together the expertise and resources we have in our community to find practical solutions.”

Lisa Barker added:

“I started my career as a front line worker in hostels caring for the homeless, so I am fully aware of the reality of the situation and the need for us to address a range of very difficult issues from mental health, substance abuse to unemployment, physical abuse, family breakdown, crime and debt. The Council has already started to work on projects we have identified in our homelessness strategy, but to take these forward successfully we need to form a group made up of people who are in day to day contact with those affected.”

The Council has organised for a first meeting of the Warwick District Homelessness Strategy Delivery Group to take place at Leamington Town Hall on Thursday 3 May at 10am and will be sending out invitations to partner organisations over the next few days.

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