Published: Friday, 17th November 2023

Warwick District Council is continuing its preparation work in advance of the planned replacement of the footbridge from Radford Road to Newbold Comyn that closed in August on safety grounds.

In the coming days the Council will be undertaking some essential tree works on the site which will facilitate the removal of the existing bridge once the necessary permissions are finalised with the Environment Agency.

Councillor Will Roberts, Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhood Services commented:

“We are working hard to put everything in place to provide a replacement bridge at the earliest opportunity. The thinning of trees and removal of vegetation will be completed with the utmost care in line with the nature reserve location.” 

Work is scheduled to begin on Tuesday 21 November and is expected to take four days to complete. The Radford Road car park will be closed during this time. 

Warwick District Council’s Cabinet is set to discuss a report recommending the release of funding for the installation of a 3.5 metre cycle friendly replacement bridge from Radford Road to Newbold Comyn at their meeting on 6 December.   

Pedestrians are advised to continue to use the alternative entrances to Newbold Comyn from the Willes Road or Newbold Terrace East.

Further information and a list of FAQs on the Radford Road footbridge are available on the Radford Road footbridge webpage.

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