Published: Tuesday, 9th May 2023

A reminder of the current situation with Tachbrook Country Park.

While much work is happening behind the scenes in preparation for the development of the new 49-hectare (121-acre) Tachbrook Country Park, Warwick District Council is sending out a reminder to local residents that the proposed area remains in private ownership and is currently unsuitable for public access.

Although planning permission to create the new public space was granted in November 2022 and the processes of land transfers, ecological and archaeological investigations and procurement are well underway, the Council would like to make local people aware that the ground conditions underfoot within the perimeter are unknown and potentially hazardous.

Warwick District Council’s Chief Executive, Chris Elliott commented:

“We fully appreciate the keenness, particularly of those living within close proximity to see the country park open to the public, however as a local authority we have a duty of care to keep our residents safe. It’s therefore important that we reinforce the message that by entering this land you are not only trespassing, but also at risk of coming to harm.”

The creation of the new country park is subject to a number of complex legal agreements and coordination with adjacent developers, landowners and utility providers as well as tying in with access to and from the new Oakley Grove School in Bishop’s Tachbrook.

In a simultaneous project the District Council continues to work in partnership with Warwickshire County Council, on plans which will see an end-to-end cycle route, between the Warwick and Bishop’s Tachbrook, providing a traffic free access between the new housing developments and new schools.

Mark Ryder, Strategic Director for Communities at Warwickshire County Council, added:

“We have secured funding from the Government's Active Travel Fund and developer contributions to create a new route between Europa Way and the new schools being built at Oakley Grove. Concept designs are being developed for this route with a view to construction taking place before the schools open. The route will form an important part of the expanding active travel network in Warwick and Leamington Spa and supports the Council's ambition for cycling to be the go-to travel choice, particularly for short urban journeys.”

Further information and FAQs about Tachbrook Country Park.

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