As a council tenant you have the right to carry out alterations to the property you live in. This is referred to as the "right to improve" in your tenancy agreement.

Permission for any such alteration must be obtained before any work begins. The Housing department will not unreasonably withhold permission but will normally issue conditions for the work which must be followed.

You also have the right to adapt your home at your own expense. In certain circumstances, normally when you have a disability or medical need, you may qualify for assistance for adaptations to be undertaken.

If you are considering altering your home visit the tenant improvement and DIY page, or the adaptations for disabled tenants page.

Asbestos in your home

Many homes in the district, built up to the 1990s, including our own council housing may contain asbestos. It is a natural mineral, made up of small fibres which are really strong and resistant to heat, which is why they were first used in building materials.

Is it safe?

Many people do worry about the health risks of asbestos, but as long as it is not damaged, flaking or producing dust, it is unlikely to cause you any problems. It is important for you to be aware of any asbestos that may be in your home and it has been found in the following

  • Vinyl floor tiles
  • Pipe lagging
  • Rain water gutter and down pipes
  • Roof boards
  • Some wall and ceiling coatings
  • Flue pipes and outlets
  • Fire insulating panels
  • Gaskets and seals to boilers

The council surveys all its houses across the district to maintain a register of properties that have asbestos, so that we can monitor it. Where asbestos is in good condition, it is unlikely to be disturbed or removed. 

Do not however attempt to deal with asbestos yourself by drilling, sanding or cutting it as this could present a health hazard. Instead contact us on 01926 456036 for advice.