Johnstone's decorating scheme

In partnership with Johnstone's Trade, we are supplying you with a selection of high quality paints and products to help you decorate your home.

This decorating voucher scheme booklet contains useful information to help you order your pack.

How to place your order

You will need a voucher with your unique ID to be able to place your order.

By phone

Please call 01926 335 425, quoting ‘Warwick District Council Decorating Scheme’ and your unique voucher ID number (see below). When ordering, please state the colour you would like and whether you will collect your order from the Johnstone’s Decorating Centre or if you prefer your order to be delivered. If you are having our goods delivered, please provide a contact telephone number.

By e-mail

Please email, providing the following information:

  • Unique voucher ID
  • Contact name
  • Telephone number
  • Colour of paint required

State whether you would like to collect your order or if you would prefer to have your order delivered. If you would like your order to be delivered, please include a delivery address. Your decorating pack will be delivered free of charge,

Order collections

You can collect your order from your local Johnstone's Decorating Centre. Please take your tenancy agreement, photo ID, or utility bill with you as identification, as well as your Johnstone's voucher.

Order deliveries

Delivered orders will be attempted three times, after this, your order will be available to collect from the Johnstone's Decorating Centre you placed your order with.

Decorating tips

To ensure a successful and pain free project, why not take advantage of the following Johnstone’s Trade tips and advice that has come from years of industry experience.

Tricks of the trade

  • Choose the width of brush to suit the job, for example, use a 2” brush for skirting boards and a 3” brush for walls.
  • If you are changing the colour of your wall, then two or even three coats may be necessary.
  • To get good results when you’re painting, work in a logical sequence. For example, on a wall start in the top corner and paint about a square metre, then paint the square metre underneath and so on, working your way down the wall to the skirting board. Then move across the wall and start again at ceiling level.
  • Medium pile rollers should be used on smooth surfaces.
  • Long pile rollers should be used on textured surfaces, like a textured ceiling.
  • Fill a roller tray approximately one third full. Move the roller down the paint and then back to spread the paint evenly.
  • Push the roller across the wall or ceiling in a series of parallel runs, then roller the paint out to merge the strips with diagonal strokes. Use a brush in the corners and along the edges where a wall meets the ceiling or skirting board.

5 top painting tips:

  1. Prepare all surfaces properly.
  2. Select the right paint for the job.
  3. Carefully read and follow the instructions on the paint can.
  4. Two thin coats are better than one thick coat.
  5. Clean brushes and rollers immediately after use in warm soapy water or with Fat Hog Brush Cleaner.

Painting woodwork:

  • Start by rubbing the wood down with sandpaper to get a smooth surface. Then apply an undercoat (for example, Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Undercoat) to give a smooth base layer. When the undercoat is dry, the surface will be ready to apply the decorative top coat (for example, Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Gloss).
  • To stop the paint forming lines, always brush out towards an edge (for example, to the edge of a door frame) and use masking tape around any areas you want to protect.

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