Election results

Warwick and Leamington parliamentary election

Candidate Party Votes
Haseeb Arif Liberal Democrats 2512
Lynette Kelly Labour Party 17643
Alastair MacBrayne UKIP 4183
Azzees Minott Green Party 1994
Chris White Conservative 24249 (Hold)

Registered voters: 71,578
Ballot Papers issued: 50,770
Spoilt ballot papers: 129
Turnout: 71%

Kenilworth and Southam parliamentary election

Candidate Party Votes
Rob Ballantyne Green Party 1956
Harry Francis Cottam UKIP 5467
Richard Guy Dickson Liberal Democrat 4913
Jon Foster-Smith Digital Democracy 139
Nick Blunderbuss Green The Official Monster Raving Loony Party 370
Bally Singh Labour Party 7472
Jeremy Wright Conservative 28474 (Hold)

Registered voters: 63,957
Ballot Papers issued:49,004
Spoilt ballot papers: 213
Turnout: 76.57%

Warwick District Council election results 

Party Seats Percentage of votes
Conservative  31   43.3%
Labour Party  9   22.7%
Green Party  1   13.4%
Liberal Democrat  2   13.1%
Whitnash Residents Association  3   3.7%
UKIP  0  2.3%
Independent  0   1.4%
Trade Union and Socialist Coalition  0  <1%

Parish and town council results

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