Book of Remembrance at Oakley WoodThe Book of Remembrance at Oakley Wood provides a dignified memorial of quality and permanence and is displayed in the Chapel of Remembrance. 

The Remembrance Chapel is open every day of the year 9.00am - 5.00pm.

Each day a page is turned, permitting inscriptions to be seen every year on the anniversary of the entry date.

There is also touch screen electronic book of remembrance, permitting an image of the inscription to be seen on any day of the year.

There are areas in the chapel where floral tributes and plants can be displayed and a notice board for birthday cards or letters.

Inscriptions may be of two, five or eight lines and can incorporate coats-of-arms, regimental crests or floral emblems. Details of the Book of Remembrance are sent to the applicant for the cremation, approximately one week after the date of cremation. Relatives decide on which date the entry is to be made, normally that of the date of death or a birthday or wedding anniversary. They may view the inscription on that date each year or at any other time by arrangement with the Crematorium Office.

Arrangements can be made for copies of entries in the Book of Remembrance. The entries are handwritten by the same calligrapher who inscribes the Book. These are particularly suitable for sending to relatives and friends.

The council appreciates that many would like to have the opportunity of commemorating a loved one in a more tangible form and a Donation Fund has been established. Gifts made to this fund will be invested and the income used to maintain the grounds and allow improvements to be made.

Book of remembrance fees