The Woodland Garden of Remembrance

Garden of remembranceThese Gardens have been conceived to provide a haven of peace and tranquillity where loved ones can be remembered with a variety of personal memorials. Choosing where and how to remember someone who has died is a very special and important decision. We wish to present an atmosphere of peace and dignity and visitors may sit quietly with their own thoughts in the Woodland Garden of Remembrance. In order to meet the wishes of those who desire a memorial the following memorials have been designed to serve a wide variety of preferences. They are available on a ten year lease that is renewable:

  • The Woodland Columbaria is an above ground vault, made from honeycomb coloured granite with space for two urns to be housed behind a blue pearl granite tablet which has space for two inscriptions.
  • The vase tablet was designed as a focal point in memory of a loved one whose ashes have been scattered. Each grey granite memorial has a flower container and a granite plaque with relief lettering for a detailed inscription.
  • Wooden or granite benches with a personal inscription can be dedicated for a 10 year period.  It is also possible to place an inscribed plaque on a communal bench as an alternative form of commemoration.
  • Bird nesting boxes and bat boxes can be sponsored from 5 to 25 year periods, donations will include a contribution towards bird food for the period.
  • Donations of any amount can be made at any time for the bulb fund which is used each year to increase stocks of native bulbs within the woodland.

If you wish to select the location of the columbarium, vase, bench, bird or bat box you should telephone 01926 651418 or email to make an appointment to view the grounds.

Garden of remembrance fees