Any form of funeral or memorial service may be held at the Oakley Wood crematorium, including the full funeral service, or alternatively a short committal ceremony if there has been a previous service in church.  It is also possible to use the chapels for a memorial service or for a service preceding burial in the natural woodland.

The South Chapel seats 85 people and has room for approximately 40 people to stand. The North Chapel seats 160 people - there is no standing room. Both chapels have an organ and facilities to play recorded music. A comprehensive recorded music library is available.

Facilities have been provided for the disabled at the Chapels in the form of induction loop systems for the hard of hearing, service books in Braille, toilets for the disabled and ramped access for wheelchairs.

Services are arranged at three-quarter hour intervals, although half hour is provided for the actual funeral service, there is an option to extend the length of service if required.  The moment of Committals is signified by the closing of curtains.

When the coffin is received by the Committal Room, the name plate is checked with the Crematorium identity card. This card is then kept throughout the entire cremation process until the final recovery and disposal of the remains. Without exception, the coffin is placed into the cremator exactly as received in the Chapels. The method of disposal of the cremated remains is entirely the choice of bereaved relatives. Options that are available can be discussed with the Funeral Director or by contacting the Crematorium prior to the service.

The Crematorium is a member of the Federation of British Crematorium Authorities and, as such, adheres to the Code of Cremation Practice, a copy of which is available from the Crematorium. Cremation proceeds only in accordance with the highest possible ethical standards.