There are many ways you can make your views known on local issues. 

  • Petitions – create or sign an online petition
  • Consultations – details of the council's online consultation exercises, links to results of previous consultations and the council's responses to customer comments.
  • Councillors – contact information for all Warwick District councillors.
  • Warwickshire online community – this is an external site where you have join a local discussion forum.
  • Community forums – community Forums are interactive meetings that give people in Warwickshire the Opportunity to share their views throughout the year.
  • Council meetings – find out meeting dates and topics. All council meetings are open to the public except when there are confidential items which are considered in private. These items will be marked on the agenda.
  • Compliments and complaints – contact the council by phone or email to make your point.
  • Online forms – report an issue to the council using our online forms.