Community forums are interactive meetings that give people in Warwickshire the opportunity to share their views throughout the year. There are 30 forums across Warwickshire which bring together elected representatives across all tiers of local government with a range of other community representatives.

Residents can hear the latest news on local services from councils and police and can ask any questions they might have. The community forums also give residents the chance to influence local decision-making. Anyone with a question about a local issue can go along and put it to their local councillors and to officers from a range of organisations. There are 7 community forums in Warwick district.

Warwick Community Partnership Team

The team is responsible for:

  • Locality working
  • Community development 
  • Community forums
  • Grants to voluntary organisations
  • Parish planning
  • Neighbourhood planning
  • Financial inclusion
  • Projects and partnerships
  • Voluntary sector commissioning


Contact the community partnership team for more information - community partnership enquiry.