Chairman of the Council

Councillor Syson in front of the Pump Rooms with All Saints Church in the backgroundWarwick District Council elects the Chairman of the Council annually in May. The Chair is one of the Council’s 44 councillors, is the first citizen of the district, and is senior to all the Town Mayors. It is the Chairman’s responsibility, apart from chairing meetings of the Council, to represent the Council at a wide variety of functions.

The current Chairman of the Council is Councillor Sidney Syson. The Vice-Chairman of the Council is Councillor Robert Margrave.

For details of their engagements, please contact the Committees team on 01926 456114 or email

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Town mayors

Details of the Town Mayors’ engagements are available from:

Warwickshire County Council

The current Chairman of Warwickshire County Council is Councillor Dave Humphreys. For further information, you can contact Mrs Dawn Mardle on 01926 476878 or email