Ring Go

RingGo is a quick and easy way to pay for your parking across Warwick District Council. You simply contact RingGo using the smartphone app, phone call, SMS or on-line and book/pay for your parking by phone when in an area featuring the RingGo service.

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How do I register with RingGo?

You can pre-register with RingGo either by using the RingGo smartphone app or register on the website

When you pre-register for the service you will be asked to provide:

  • The number plate, colour and make of your vehicle
  • Your payment card details

Alternatively, once the service is live, you can register at the same time you want to park, either by using the RingGo app or by calling the RingGo number which is 020 3046 0010.

Parking with RingGo


Once you have registered with RingGo, the service automatically recognises your mobile phone number and retrieves information you have given previously. This means that when you use the service you only have to provide:

  • The location code where you are parked. Each area offering RingGo has its own four or five digit location number.  Local signs provide this information. In the image (right), the location code would be 12345.
  • The length of time you want to park, and
  • Your payment card 3 digit security code.

The RingGo app operates at all RingGo locations and should highlight the correct location where you are standing. Please make sure you double check this against local signage, as in some places, zones are closely located.

Location numbers

How it works

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Ways to pay

There are a number of ways you can pay for your parking.

Extending your parking session

Unlike normal parking sessions, you can remotely top up your parking fee when you use RingGo.  If you want to extend your stay, simply contact RingGo again and the service will ask you:

  • How long you want to extend
  • What your card security code is

The RingGo system automatically recognises that you have a parking session currently operating. 

Location numbers

You can see the location numbers in your area and across the UK.

More information on RingGo

For general information about RingGo please visit www.myRingGo.co.uk. If you have a specific question about how RingGo operates, please see www.myRingGo.co.uk/help which contains a lot of common queries.

Video transcript

Parking your vehicle, why hassle with coins when you can pay on the move or from the comfort of your vehicle instead. Just use RingGo, it’s an easy to use service where you pay for parking by credit or debit card and mobile phones.  

You can register in advance by app online. Whichever way you register you just need your vehicle registration, make and colour, and your credit card details. Registering by phone call when you want to park is easy too. Just speak or key in the details on the keypad. RingGo repeats the information back, so you can change them if necessary.  

You can use RingGo by App, calling, mobile phone, text and internet, then provide two more details, the location code where you parked (for example 8848) and the time anytime you want to stay. Confirm you’re happy with the charge and you done.  

Helpful text messages alert you when your parking is running out, so there's no need to rush back to the vehicle wherever you are.  

That's it, simple cash is parking only available from RingGo, available in hundreds of towns across the UK.  RingGo, simple cashless parking only from the Park Mobile Worldwide Group.