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Sustainability is about protecting our environment from harm as a result of human activities and taking positive action to improve it. There are many ways that people can adopt sustainability, some of which involve making just small lifestyle changes.

Sustainability is also important to help tackle climate change. Climate change is a big global challenge. The greenhouse gases we produce through everyday activity, such as heating our homes and driving our cars is causing global warming leading to climate change. In addition, the wastes we are producing are having a detrimental effect on the environment.

Sustainability in Warwick District

We have recently declared a climate emergency to become net-zero carbon as an organisation by 2025, and by 2030 to ensure total emissions in Warwick District as a whole are as close to zero as possible.

Warwick District people’s inquiry on climate change

Local representatives are being sought to make up a panel for a Warwick District People’s Inquiry on Climate Change.

Climate emergency declaration

Councillors unanimously agreed for Warwick District Council to declare a climate emergency.

Tree planting

We have committed to planting 160,000 trees over the coming years, one for each resident living in our district.

Our plastics journey

Plastic waste created by human activity can have devastating impacts on the natural environment. 

Energy efficiency at home

We have partnered with Act on Energy to offer free advice and various grants for insulation and boilers and switching energy suppliers.

Cars, transport and vehicle electrification

How you travel for work and leisure has an impact on the climate.

Our sustainability and climate change responsibilities

Declaring a climate emergency is a top priority for the Council.