Travel and transport

  • New cycle routes/facilities proposed at St Nicholas Park; Newbold Comyn; and Victoria Park.
  • A new park and ride facility is to be established at the Asps, Warwick.  It is expected this will operate electric buses.
  • installation of over 50 additional public charging points in south Warwickshire car parks took place during Spring 2021
  • Installation of 8 on-road EV charging points during Spring 2021 to trial locations where this can bring benefits.
  • Working with Warwickshire County Council in undertaking a study on the future of electric vehicles and the need for EV charging to support this.  This will form the basis for an EV charging strategy.
  • Introduction of predominantly electric vehicles for our directly operated fleet vehicles
  • We have worked with Warwickshire County Council to ensure the Local Transport Plan 4 will have a strong focus on Climate Change – for example, electrification, alternative fuels and active travel;