• We  are preparing a Net Zero Carbon Building Planning Policy Document. It is hoped to submit this for examination in Autumn 2022 with formal adoption in early 2023.
  • Climate change has been established at the heart of the new South Warwickshire Local Plan and specialist climate change consultants are advising on allocations and policies to minimise carbon emissions. This includes advising on where to allocate land for development to ensure we maximise accessibility to facilities and services whilst reducing the need to travel.
  • The preparation of the South Warwickshire Economic Strategy has established climate change as a key cross cutting theme and the objectives of the strategy are being informed by this.
  • The development of new and enhanced green infrastructure at Country Park in Tach Brook and also the proposed redevelopment of Newbold Comyn
  • We are reviewing advice around energy efficiency in listed buildings to take account of new technologies that can help with carbon reduction.