Ambition 3 - Adaptation 2050

To enable our environment and communities to have adapted to the potential of at least 3 degrees rise in global temperatures by 2100.

How we will do this

Diversity of habitats and species

  • Use Met Office data to incorporate planning policies in the South Warwickshire Local Plan to protect key species, enhance connectivity of habitats and encourage investment in new and important ecological assets
  • Use the planning process to ensure investment in resilient ecological assets and planting schemes that can handle the predicted changes in weather patterns
  • Review our management plans of parks and open spaces to ensure they are resilient to changes in climate
  • We will plant 160,000 trees (in Warwick district) by 2030

Soil health

  • Use Met Office data to plan investment in planting and infrastructure for flood defence, drainage, and soil protection
  • Work with partners to support the agricultural sector to adapt and diversify
  • Ensure up to date legislation and policies to protect high quality agricultural land and prevent development which exacerbates soil damage

Food supply, health, and wellbeing

  • Encourage local food production, including the use of allotments and community orchards
  • Support vulnerable residents, including those in fuel poverty
  • Maximise local renewable energy production
  • Work to maximise local water conservation and storage to address the potential for the cycle of floods and droughts

Ambition 3 - detailed plan