Ambition 2 - Low Carbon South Warwickshire 2030

To reduce net carbon emissions from across South Warwickshire by a minimum of 55% by 2030, with plans to further reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2050.

How we will do this


  • Work with partners and communities to reduce the average number of miles travelled by car per person by 25%, switching to sustainable forms of travel including walking, cycling or public transport
  • Support residents and businesses to switch to Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles, increasing the percentage owned by South Warwickshire residents to 89%
  • Improve freight emissions by reducing the emissions per mile by 75% and reducing on-road freight mileage by 9%
  • Consider how we can influence the reduction of emissions from aviation

Carbon savings - 3,192,000 CO2e per year

Domestic energy

  • Retrofit all Council-owned houses below Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) C
  • Support local housing associations with accessing and utilising funding to retrofit their houses below EPC C
  • Support private landlords and homeowners to improve the energy performance of their properties
  • Ensure all new Council homes are net zero carbon once the electricity grid is fully decarbonised
  • Require all new homes built to be net zero carbon through specific planning policies

Carbon savings - 1,213,000 CO2e per year

Non-domestic energy

  • We’ll work with partners and businesses to improve energy efficiency in non-domestic buildings to enable a 17% reduction in space heating & hot water and a 10% increase in electric fuel
  • Enable 39% of non-domestic buildings to move from gas heating to low carbon electric

Carbon savings - 796,000 CO2e per year


  • Introduce a new 123+ waste collection service which will seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from waste
  • Invest in a new local Multi-Recycling Facility (MRF)

Carbon savings - 8,000 CO2e per year

Energy supply

  • Support an increase in renewable energy generation across South Warwickshire from approx. 121 milliwatts (MW) capacity to 730MW
  • Explore the possibility of a green hydrogen production, storage and fuelling service

Carbon savings - 2,088,000 CO2e per year

Ambition 2 - detailed plan