Green Homes Grants private tenants/landlords FAQs

Private tenants/landlords eligibility

Alongside the income or postcode eligibility, only privately rented properties with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of D or E will be eligible.

Do I need to pay anything?

Green Homes Funding is completely free to owner occupiers, whether you are successful in having a measure installed or not, you will not be asked to pay anything.

The funding is provided by the government to help the UK meet its zero-carbon targets. Landlords can get up to £5,000 funding with a minimum one third contribution. As an example, if the upgrade cost was £7,500 this would utilise the maximum grant of £5,000 with £2,500 needing to be funded by the landlord. If the cost of the upgrade was £10,000, using the same maximum grant then £5,000 would need to be funded by the landlord.

The full contribution amount must be paid before we can proceed with installation.

The landlord is required to pay an upfront £500 for the site visit including the site survey which is not refundable if the landlord does not proceed/does not accept the quotation or proposed solution(s).

If the landlord accepts the proposals and quotation then the £500 is offset against the overall price.

Why are E.ON running this scheme?

E.ON have been installing energy efficiency improvements to people's homes for years with the aim of leaving residents with a warmer, more energy efficient home that costs you less to run.

E.ON are working closely with councils through the Home Upgrade Grant (HUG) scheme to help provide energy efficiency improvements for eligible households to help the government meet its 2050 zero-carbon target.

Do I need to be an E.ON customer for my electricity and gas to be eligible?

No, you do not need to be an E.ON customer before or after your installation, and you won't be asked about this at any point.

Can someone apply on my behalf?

A relative, friend or support worker can help if required complete your application if they have your permission, however the application must be in the name of the tenant.

How could these home improvements cut my energy usage?

The government grant for home improvements will make your household more energy efficient. The insulation measures not only keep the heat in, so you don't have to spend as much heating your home, but also help keep the cold out.

Low-carbon heating measures such as Air Source Heat Pumps, High Heat Retention Storage Heaters and Solar PV both cost less to run than traditional methods and Smart Thermostats put the power in your hands by allowing you to keep an eye on your heating and control it from mobile devices.

Do I have to get my own installer?

No, we take care of selecting the best installers within your area to assist us in installing your chosen improvement, you will only need to deal with the installers and surveyors to confirm the dates they can visit your property to carry out any surveys required and for the installation.

Who owns the appliances installed in my home once completed?

If you are the landlord who has applied through tenants living in your property, you will be the owner of any appliances installed. They will be your responsibility to maintain, and you will have complete ownership.

Who should I contact if I have any concerns regarding my application or installation?

If you have any concerns after your application and leading up to your installation, please contact Act On Energy via phone on 0800 988 2881 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

Once your measure is installed, if your install isn’t completed to the standard you expected or you have any problems with your installation, please contact E.ON Directly on 0333 202 4820.

Alternatively for any concerns regarding your application and install you can also contact Warwick District Council via their mailbox