Energy and money saving tips and advice

Simple changes to the way you use energy in your home can help save over £350 per year (according to the Energy Saving Trust based on a typical 3 bed gas heated property).

Follow these simple steps to help keep warm and lower your energy bills:

  • cover draughts to stop the cold getting in
  • phone your energy provider to see about getting the best tariff
  • give your wardrobe a revamp – lots of thinner layers will keep you warmer
  • plan events and activities that will keep you moving
  • turn the thermostat down 1C, ideal temperature is between 18 to 21 C
  • do at least one less machine wash a week
  • only boil the water you need
  • have shorter showers and fewer baths
  • turn the heating off even if you are popping to the shops
  • put lids on saucepans while cooking
  • thick curtains can help keep the heat in
  • turn off appliances when not in use, instead of leaving on standby