Lost or stray dogs

Lost dogs

Any dogs collected by the Dog Warden will on the first occasion be returned to its owner if known (therefore, dog which has a collar with identification disc or ID chipped). If the dog has previously been returned to its owner and has escaped again, the dog is likely to be transferred to council kennels. After 7 days, unclaimed dogs become the property of a re-homing organisation.

Please complete the lost and found dog form to report a lost dog or if you think your dog may have been found by the Dog Warden. 

Report a lost or found dog

You can also phone 01926 456725 during office hours (08:45 - 17:15 Monday to Thursday and 08:45 - 16:45 on Friday) Please note that dogs cannot be returned over the weekend.

Details of lost dogs on Facebook

The details of all dogs picked up by the Dog Warden are now on our Facebook page - WDC Dog Warden. If you report your dog as lost, and it has not been picked up by the Dog Warden, we can add your dog's details to our Facebook page if you wish.

Microchipping is compulsory

Microchipping is compulsory for all dog owners in England. Dogs need to be microchipped and registered with their keepers' contact details. All keepers, including breeders, must keep these details up to date. The only exemption from the requirement is where a vet has certified in writing that a dog is unfit to be microchipped. 

If updating your microchip details, please ensure that you only update or register chip details with the company that hold the information in the first place and NOT a third-party company. The details of who your dog is chipped with will be on the paperwork, or you can ask your vet or the council to assist in your search.

Stray dogs

The council do not have premises to which dogs can be taken, and any dog found by the public can be collected by the dog warden Monday to Wednesday during office hours 08:45 - 17:15. There is no dog warden service available on a Thursday or Friday and outside office hours, however details can be left and contact will be made the next working day. If you find a stray dog when the dog warden is not available, please contact our kennels directly.

Report a lost or found dog

You may be asked to provide the following information, if known:

  • your contact details - name, address, telephone, email
  • a description of the dog - for example its type, colour, size, age
  • the time and date when you found the dog
  • where you found the dog
  • where the dog should be collected from

You can also call 01926 456725 to report a found dog. 

Stray dogs, collected by the dog wardens, are kennelled in the council's nominated kennels, and can only be returned to their owner by arrangement with the wardens and on payment of any outstanding kennelling fees, including a statutory penalty and an administration charge. Dogs cannot be returned over the weekend.


The fees payable for stray dogs are:

  • £25 statutory stray dog penalty 
  • £12 per part of each day kennelling costs 
  • £31.05 administration charge 

Out of office hours, weekends, and bank holidays

The council's contracted kennels are able to take dogs between 9am and 5pm at weekends and bank holidays. Please call our appointed kennels on 07415 030165.

Warwick District Council appointed kennels:

PDK Trading Ltd

Stave Hall Farm
Fosse Way
CV23 0RL

Contact number: 07415 030165