We are required to make contact with all households in Warwick District Council each year, to establish if the records we hold are accurate and up to date. We do this by sending out communications to identify everyone who should be on the electoral register.

We invite those who are currently not registered, but should be, to join the register. We also aim to identify people who are no longer at a property and should be removed from the register.

A revised version of the electoral register is published by 1 December.

View the Annual Canvass 2023 timetable to see when you'll be receiving the canvass.

Respond to the annual canvass

When you have received an email or a request through the post, the quickest and easiest way to respond is online.

Respond to the annual canvass online

  • Enter your unique 2 part security code from your email or printed on your letter
  • Check that the information for your property is correct 
  • Confirm your details, or make any changes, and press 'Confirm'

Where will I find my security code?

Your unique security code can be found in our email to you or will be printed on the letter sent through the post.

How will we contact you?

  • Email – If we hold an email address for someone in your household, we will send an email with instructions on how to respond using a two-part security code, this email will be sent from Elections@warwickdc.gov.uk.
  • Post – If we do not hold an email address for someone in your property OR you fail to respond to the email communication, we will send a form through the post.
  • Door Knock – Our Canvassers will start door knocking properties who have not responded to our previous communications.

How does the canvass work?

The first step in the Annual Canvass is to determine which communication route your household fits into. There are 3 different routes - Route 1, Route 2 and Route 3.

We do this by data matching with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and also using Local Sources such as council tax to match with the records we currently hold on the Register.

Route Details
Route 1 The matched property route - a response is only required if there is a change to the property (email communications require a response)
Route 2 The unmatched property route – A response is always required from the canvass communications regardless if there are any changes
Route 3 The defined property route – households with multiple occupancy, student accommodation, residential care home will all be canvassed by appointing a Special Responsible Officer to confirm household details

Once the routes have been defined, we can plan how we are going to communicate with your household.

Route 1

We will be sending emails to each household that we hold an email for from 25 July 2023.

You are required to respond using the 2 part security code confirmed in the email and your postcode to log into the online system and check the details we hold for you. You can then amend the details as necessary, or simply make a declaration that all the details we hold are correct.

The households who do not respond to the email, or who we do not hold an email address for, will receive a form in the post called a Canvass Communication A (CCA). These will be sent out from 15 August 2023.

If all the information on the form is correct, you do not need to contact us and will not need to do anything further.

If you need to make changes (such as add or remove someone at the property) go to the online system and use the two security codes on the front of the form, and your Post Code to login and submit the information

If unable to respond online and have changes to submit, you can contact the elections office.

Route 2

We will send each property a form in the post called a Canvass Form (CF). These will be sent out from 8 August 2023.

You will be required to respond to this form, regardless of whether there are no changes.

If we have not received a response, you will receive another form called a Canvass Communication B (CCB). These will be sent out from 5 September 23

Again, a response is required from this form. If we still receive no response, then one of our door knock canvassers will visit your property in order to gain a response. Our door knock canvassers are due to be going out at the beginning of October 23.

How do I complete the information requested on the canvass communication?

Completing the form only takes a few minutes. You need to include the name and nationality of everyone aged 16 or over who is resident and eligible to register to vote. If there are no eligible residents, you should state why this is the case. If anyone listed on the form is not living at your address, their name/s should be clearly crossed through.

What will happen after I complete the canvass communication?

Any new names provided on the form allows us to send a separate individual registration form to those in your household who are not yet registered. Alternatively, new electors can go online and register. If any names are crossed out, it allows us to remove anyone who no longer lives at the property.

I don't have the internet

If you can't go online, you can:

  • confirm no changes to the details by calling 0800 197 9871 and entering part 1 and part 2 of your security code
  • text NOCHANGE followed by part 1 and part 2 of your security code to 80212
  • return the form by post, though calling is preferable
  • call Electoral Services helpline 01926 456105

Annual Canvass 2023 timetable

Date Action
25 July 2023 Route 1 Email communications (E-Comms) are sent
08 August 2023 Route 2 Canvass Forms (CF) are posted
15 August 2023 Route 1 Canvass Communication A (CCA) are posted
5 September 2023 Route 2 Canvass Communication B (CCB) are posted
October 2023 Door Knock Canvasser start to visit non responding properties
1 December 2023 Publication of the revised Electoral Register

Contact details

We do not maintain the Household website for voter registration; it is maintained by Civica Electoral Services. Please let Civica know directly if you experience any technical problems with the website. Contact Support-CESvotes@civica.co.uk.

For general queries about electoral registration or elections, please contact the Electoral Services Office on (01926) 456105 or email: elections@warwickdc.gov.uk.