Published: Wednesday, 22nd February 2023

Statement regarding proposals to relocate customer-facing services to Royal Pump Rooms.

Although the Royal Pump Rooms has been earmarked as a location for some of Warwick District Council’s customer-facing services following the Council’s vacation of Riverside House, there is no intention to reallocate space currently used by the Art Gallery or Visitor Centre as office space or a location for the housing team.

The planned Customer Service Centre will be staffed by a small, dedicated team, providing face to face help and assistance to the residents of Warwick district in a variety of areas. These facilities will only occupy a small part of the building, with no impact on the existing gallery, library, visitor information or café facilities.

Recognising the cultural heritage and unique nature of the Royal Pump Rooms is a key consideration in our plans. The Royal Pump Rooms are an iconic location in Leamington Spa, which we believe should be enjoyed by everyone.

In the coming weeks we will be working with a specialist design agency to produce detailed plans for our Customer Service facilities; to ensure that they meet both the needs of our customers and enhance the community value of the Royal Pump Rooms, without negatively impacting on existing services.

Any office accommodation required by the Council will be relocated to Saltisford, Warwick.

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