Published: Thursday, 16th May 2024

We’re halfway through the month, and the benefits of No Mow May are already visible across Warwick District.

Cow parsley, buttercups, dandelions, red campion… roadsides and local parks are blooming to life, providing a much-needed source of food for pollinators, and vital habitats for creatures great and small.

Residents are encouraged to share what they see when they’re out and about by sending a message to the Council on social media or emailing submissions to

Councillor Will Roberts, Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhood and Green Spaces, said: “It’s fantastic to see just how well nature is blooming to life, proving that No Mow May does indeed have a small but powerful impact for our local biodiversity. I hope that everyone finds the time to look when they’re out and about, to see what species they can see, and just enjoy the changes! And I’m encouraged by the positive comments we’re receiving about the improvements we’ve made to the scheme this year.”

The Council’s support for No Mow May has also received the backing of Iolo Williams, Welsh ornithologist and nature broadcaster, who tweeted: “Bravo, Warwick DC. Now let’s see ALL councils follow your lead.”

The Council has made changes to No Mow May this year following feedback received from residents in 2023.

Cemeteries, children’s play areas, sports pitches, major parks, and Council housing estates have been excluded, and an approx. 1 metre strip of grass is being mowed at junctions on highway verges to ensure visibility.

Any concerns about areas needing to be mowed for safety can be reported to the Council via the website.

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