Commonwealth Connections consent and privacy

Consent from people mentioned in your story

If you mention other people in your story, they'll need to give consent for us to be able to publish it. Please send the photography, filming, publicity and data storage consent form to the people you mention.

Only the individual mentioned in the story who has provided consent can be mentioned, anyone else must be anonymous as they have not provided consent e.g. do not mention them as brother or sister for example.

Please refer to people in your story as “we, I, us or them” or source the third-party consent from the individual that you have mentioned in the story by getting to complete the consent form on the story submission page.

Third-party consent no longer applies if the person mentioned in the story is deceased. 

Your full name will not be published in your story only your first name will be featured when the article is published and where you are from will not be included on our channels.  

Commonwealth Games Team Commonwealth Connections privacy policy

How we get the personal information and why we have it

When you complete this form, the information will be shared with the Communications Team, where a Council Officer will review your story and use the information in order to promote your Commonwealth Connection as part of Birmingham 2022 coming to the district. We may use your personal data so we can:

  • Assist with any technical issues relating to the upload of your stories
  • Feature names on stories
  • Where you are from

How we store your personal information 

Your information is securely stored on the Warwick District Council’s servers, your story may be shared on our website, social media and YouTube channel.

If you use the hashtag #wdccommonwealthconnections on your own social media posts these will be stored on the social media platform servers used and in agreement with the platform's terms and conditions. 

We keep names, addresses, and emails for two years after August 2022 and will then dispose of your information by deleting any identifiers such as email addresses.

When your story is sent to us

Editing will take place on written stories for readability and removing references to special data such as the identification of individuals.

If you would like your story removed

You can remove your consent by emailing the media team at

Other information

You can find out more information about how Warwick District Council uses your personal data, including your rights or how to complain to The ICO, by viewing our main Privacy Notice.