Q. Across Royal Leamington Spa, there has been work on roads and bridges; given how much disruption there was to traffic, what sort of communication is in place to ensure information goes out to a wider audience nearer the time?

A. From the end of June to the end of August, there will be no scheduled road works with a radius of half km around all the venues in Warwickshire and across the road race network.

National Highways have also confirmed that they will lift all their work off the major road network too. 

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Get Set webpage will contain updates and press statements, which will be shared across social media and local authority’s websites. 

Transport for West Midlands will also have a campaign running across the region containing further details on transport and traffic-related issues. 

Q. Are the Cycling Road Races going into Royal Leamington Spa?

A. The Cycle Road Races are largely in and around Warwick but do come into Leamington along Warwick New Road, Princes Drive and then back to Warwick along the Myton Road.

Q. How many visitors and how many are staying in the area during the Games?

A. At the present time, we do not have detailed data on who is attending the events in the district and where they will be travelling from. This data for ticketed spectators may be available closer to the Games.

It is predicted that there will be 2,125 people attending each of the sessions in Royal Leamington Spa for the Lawn Bowls and Para Lawn Bowls, with two sessions each day. 

High-level information suggests that 65% of ticketed spectators are from the East and West Midlands, with the rest from further afield and a very small percentage from overseas.

There will be visitors coming to Royal Leamington Spa and Warwick that may have bought tickets for the wider Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games; we are linking up with Shakespeare's England to promote tourism in the region. 

Q. On the Cycling Road Races Map, there is a red area stating no traffic, but what about pedestrians? 

A. Yes, pedestrians will be allowed into the red area on the map. There will be dedicated crossing points with stewards to manage pedestrians during race time. For the latest map, visit the road race web page

Q, Approx a third of visitors currently come to Victoria Park by car. There is no provision for parking during the Games, so where can they park? The advice is that they use other parks in the area. Which parks offer the same benefits? Will you share that information?

A. WDC will publicise which other parks and open spaces are available and what amenities they have, i.e., parking, public toilets, play areas etc.

Q. What are the daily times for the bowls events?

A. Session times will vary day to day, but broadly speaking:

  • Morning session – 8:30am - 1:45pm
  • Afternoon session – 3pm – 8:00pm 

There is an 8:45 pm finish on Wednesday, 3 August.

Final timings for competition and medal ceremonies can be found on the Birmingham 2022 website.

Q. The planning conditions imposed strict restrictions on noise levels at Victoria Park bowling greens; how will you measure that?

A. Answer to follow

Q. The noise from the lawn mowers is fine, but the blowers can be loud. Is it possible that these are not used before 8 am?

A. It is not possible to limit use until after 8 am, but in order to minimise the noise from blowers, we are sourcing battery blowers that are quieter and more adaptable.

Q. On the detailed map of the area around the bowling venue on the website, the orange box in the middle, states Avenue and Adelaide Road are no stopping areas?

A. This map is being amended, and the revised map will be available at the Victoria Park page.

Q. How many special permits are being given to those who have L5 permits in each of the five roads affected?

A. Residents on these roads have been sent a letter from WDC/WCC which stated that as a principle, each L5 permit holder will be issued with 2 Games parking permits allowing them to park in the designated parking areas.

Q, Will there be a park and ride outside central areas? 

A. There is a park and stride route from Warwickshire College with bookable parking for ticketed spectators. The route will then be from the back of the College onto Riverside Walk, onto Princes Drive, over the bridge and into Victoria Park through the ornamental gates at the west end of the park.

Q. Will the normal bus service keep running?

A. Yes

Q. What is the walking route from the station to the venue?

A. The walking route goes from the underpass to Sayer Close, De Normanville Avenue, Station Approach, Avenue Road and to the entrance to the venue at Victoria Park. 

There will be a pedestrian crossing on Avenue Road.

The return route will be Archery Road, across Adelaide Road, York Walk and back to the station through Station Approach.

There will be a pedestrian crossing on Adelaide Road and an option at York Walk to walk into Royal Leamington Spa Town Centre.

The return route to Warwickshire College will be over the Adelaide Road Bridge, up Adelaide Road, Portland Place West and up to Warwick New Road and back to the College.