Consultation and planning applications

Planning applications

Planning approval was granted for the leisure centre improvements by the Planning Committee on 19 July 2016.

The community consultation

As a result of the community consultation on the proposed improvements and extensions undertaken in Jan/Feb 2016, the following changes were made to the designs for Newbold Comyn and St Nicholas Park leisure centres

  • The introduction of multi-gender changing rooms received strong support from the majority of respondents, as it offers the greatest flexibility to the widest range of potential customers. However there were objections to the new designs from customers who wanted to retain single gender changing rooms for the swimming pools. The design team therefore closely investigated various options for incorporating both multi-gender and single gender changing rooms for the swimming pools at each of the facilities. Despite the design team’s best efforts, it was decided that it was not possible to construct any single gender changing rooms for the swimming pools that included showers and lockers. The group changing rooms which form part of the "village change" area, could be used for single gender changing during public sessions, but these did not include showers or lockers.
  • Shoe removal areas will now be provided outside the changing rooms for both swimming pools.
  • The design team considered a proposal to provide a separate changing room in the gym at Newbold Comyn for use solely by members of the gym. Although this is feasible from a design point of view it was felt that this was unnecessary and that it would reduce the amount of space available for the installation of fitness equipment.
  • The number of private and public showers in the swimming pool changing rooms at Newbold Comyn will be increased in response to concerns about periods of peak demand.
  • The design of the barrier on poolside at Newbold Comyn has been amended following detailed discussions with local swimming clubs, to ensure that it continues to deliver its primary purpose as a safety measure, but that it does not hamper the operation of swimming galas.
  • Following several comments from parents, a toilet is being provided for young children next to the leisure pool at Newbold Comyn, in order to avoid a long trip back to the main changing rooms during a swimming session.
  • Following representations from the Warwick 50+ Activity Club, the location of the staff room at St Nicholas Park is being moved in order to retain the meeting room at its current size.
  • Buggy parks are now provided at both centres within view of reception for additional security.
  • The provision of cycle storage is still under review by the design team in order to ensure that cycle storage is sufficient for the likely demand, easily accessible, secure as possible and integrated well into the overall design.
  • The design team considered requests to include a 'baby pool' at St Nicholas Park Leisure Centre. The architects looked at the scheme and unfortunately were not able to identify an appropriate location with the new design.