Warwickshire results

The full results for Warwickshire can be found on the North Warwickshire Borough Council website:

Warwick District results

The results from Warwick District are as follows (these are not the final Warwickshire wide vote tally, just the total votes cast in Warwick District).

Name of candidate Party Number of votes
Richard Guy DICKSON Liberal Democrats 6,411
Sarah Yvonne Elizabeth FEENEY Labour Co-Operative Party 11,998
Philip Stanley SECCOMBE Conservative Party Candidate 9,025

Total votes: 27,434

The number of ballot papers rejected were as follows:

  • Want of an official mark: 0
  • Voting for more than one candidate: 34
  • Writing or mark by which voter can be identified: 1
  • Being unmarked: 202
  • Void for uncertainty: 27
  • Total doubtful ballot papers: 264